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Ah well, it’s back to blogging for me. It’s news galore today.

According to The Guardian we’re tying up the deal for Franck Ribery. And according to this and this it looks like we’re hot in the race with Ribery previously claiming he wants to play in the English Premier League under a french manager. I’m sure he’s realized Houlier is no longer with Liverpool and that bloke with Portsmouth has buggered off, leaving the fabulous Arsene Wenger as the only French Manager in the premierleague. Despite this he still wants to move. I wish he’d make up his mind. I’m desperatley waiting for a signing and the cunt is taking his time, like this cunt. I’ll get back to that later. Anyway Wenger asking us little people where the hell would we play scarface? What a genius that guy is. If only I had half his brain. He’s got a point, but if we sell Reyes, even if Baptista or Robinho is part of the swap we should get him as competition for Hleb. Yes, I know we’ve got Freddie there but with Freddie currently injury prone and not donating that much in goals and Hleb isn’t exactly a 10+ scorer either. We could play Walcott as a right winger and that’s the position I would play him but Harry Redknapp claimed he was shite at that position. Then again it was Redknap who said that and I’m sure Arsene Wenger will do his own thing. He was shite for France’s first few world cup game but improved with his first goal which to me sounds like he needs some self confidence and self belief. Anyway 13.5 million for Ribery is a good deal, but I think it’s more important we get a CM. I don’t think we’re going to get Ribery. I think we’re going to buy a CM and a defender. Probably a CB who can play LB. Like Gallas. Not Gallas, Like Gallas and I’m centring my information around this.

Now Arsene Wenger getting as impatient with Ashley as I am. That’s it Arsene give the cunt the ol’ one, two. soon as he sods of to Chelski and ends up like the other Arsenal veterans who left us when they should’ve stayed the better. Maybe he’s more like Jermaine Pennant than I thought.

Jose Antonio Reyes (J.A.R) again showing us he not the smartest kid on the block after modelling a Real Madrid shirt before a Champions League game against him. Maybe that’s why he played so well then. It was a secret come and get me plea. Those pictures don’t look fake and don’t look like it was taken by a professional. Probably taken bu on of his mates before the game. Wonder how he’s going to wriggle his way out of this. I’m expecting him to say something like this:

“Zat Vas not me in a Reeeeal Madreed shert. Zan alieano zook over ma body and put on ze shirt. I’m in zecretly in love with la manager of Reaal but Love ze glouriouz fanz of za arsenal”

That’s more French than Spanish I believe. Anyway AW may change his mind about this .

William Gallas has been handed the #3 shirt by cuntski. This adds more pain on the transfer headache we already have since Cuntley was destined to wear that shirt, with William Gallas claiming he’s still unhappy at cuntski (who wouldn’t be) this just strengthens the case of a swap + cash deal, though the more cast the better, since I suspect the cash from cuntley’s transfer will be the cash used to strengthen the squad. Or I could be wrong. There’s a slight possibility that he won’t be moving now or he’ll probably movet to Real Madrid, possibly with Jose (though I hope he fucks off there by him self).

Remember the Ghana defender we had on trial Shillia Illiasu, well looks like he’s impressed AW, so he could be one of our two to three signings, but there are registration issues.

George Burley being his usual cuntish self and trying to dis-heartean our young star but maybe with a tiny point. If AW decides that’s the way to raise him so be it and every other cunt in the world should just shut the hell up. In Wenger I trust, his word is law as far as I’m concerned and Burley is just another pain in the ass for all the managers who are jealous of the great AW. Eh.. sorry people I had the link but then I lost it.

Sunderland have snapped up another Barca youngster at the expense of an Arsenal youngster.

And finally, last but not least the most important piece of news. As you all know we face the Croatian bastards Dinamo Zagreb tomorrow as we battle for a place in the Champions League group stages and oodles of cash. AW announced the squad for the match and Tomas Roicky has passed the fitness test and will start his first competitive games for Arsenal. The beginning of a legend. He’s replacing Mark Randall but apart from that the squad is the same who faced AZ Alkmar. We’re missing:

  • Freddie Ljnburg through injury
  • Gael Clichy through injury
  • Abou Diaby through injury
  • Phillipe Senderos through injury
  • Thierry Henry through lack of fitness
  • Theo Walcott through lack of fitness
  • Jens Lehaman through suspension
  • Cuntley Cunt through his own hideous cuntishness.

Jolly stuff eh?

Dinamo Zagreb are a good team and it’s going to be a tough game espically with so many players out. There is no doubt we have the quality to beat them but this is where the big teams crash out (sometimes) mainly though under estimation. Titi might be back for the 2nd leg so we’re probably going to thrash them in both legs. 7-0 will do for me. Let’s hope Almunia won’t let in a nutmeg when we’re on our way to winning in the last 14 minutes against a defender who’s never scored in his life.

Oh and I’ve started work on a:

  • column section
  • contact me section
  • player profile section
  • and maybe sometime in the near future a wallpaper section

Bear in mind I’m not an expert so this will take sometime the first 23 will take a few months, mainly becuse of the profiles and I’m a slow lazy worker.Well that’s it for today I’m off for a day of partying. Have a good one




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Ah bugger…Bloody Monday’s

Bugger, bugger, bugger. Hardly got any sleep, legs killing, hands being muredered, breain dead. I reckon you can guess there ain’t going to be a blog today.

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Boring Sunday

So this is it, the beginning of my very own arsenal blog. This wonderous blog was inspired by arseblog and gunner blog. I might’ve copied the name but it’s not a rip off and I never was creative, especially with names. Anyhow, this is just a 14 year old gunners thoughts about how cuntish Mourinho is, how much of a gay twat ferguson is, etc. etc. I’m no HTMLor Graphics expert and this site isn’t completled but it will improve
Any how let’s start the day with discussions of our new wonderkid . Fran Merida was nicked from the cunts barcelona at the age of 15 and was officially signed at the age of 16. Remind you of any body? No, maybe this wonderfull bugger. Barcelona were supposedly rearing him as the next ronaldiniho. By rearing they mean not giving him enough matches, refusing to give him a contract. You know, normal Barcelona shit. This article’s a bit old but it’s just Laporta being his usual self. Concentrating on the big stars, forgetting about the future. This kid is amazing and is a mixture of Zidane, Henry, Ronaldiniho and Gerrard. His dribbling is amazing, only bettered by the likes of Henry. Who else can score goals from 1 million and 3 yards out? Bit unfair to compare him to the likes of legends but I’m shitting my pants thinking about this kid peaking. He makes me realize how crap I am at footie.The future’s bright people. I’ve never wanted 2013 to come any quicker. If you think he’s overhyped then look at this:

i suggest you get a new pair of boxers ready incase you shit yourself.

Fran Merida 1

Fran Merida 2

Fran Merida 3

Fran Merida 4

There, didn’t i tell you so”ye of little faith”.

Oh yeah and he scored on his debut. But so did Francis Jeffers on his England debut so…

Enough about Fran. (is that short for Francesc?)

Arsene Wenger tells us what he thinks about international friendlies.

William gallas wants to leave The Cuntleys. We seem to be the favourites to get his signature. I like him, bit of a cunt but the type of player arsenal needs right now. A world cup finalist who can play any where along the back line. With cuntley leaving any day now (people have been saying that for a week) we need cover for LB, what with clichy injured, even though Flamini play there. Though if he’s leaving Chelski because he doesn’t want to play LB I don’t know why we’re favourites to sign him. He wants the number 13 shirt, which is Alex’s. Alex wanted no.7 but got 13. I don’t think he would like it being taken off him and I don’t see Gallas coming with out his “lucky” 13. Isn’t Friday the 13th unlucky? Any way Alex is more valuable to me than Gallas. So if we get him for a decent price, some thing between 6 and 8 pence, he get shirt #1234, wages of $1 a year and he doesn’t mind being cover for Phillipe or Kolo, or play in LB then he’ll be accepted by the blogger. Only if he agrees to those terms. Bad things happen to those whp aren’t accepted by the blogger. Personally I think this is just hype and I don’t see him coming here. Hopefully he’ll end up with the match fixers Milan. Though this says otherwise.

Ferguson has again had too much scottish whiskey. (I refuse to address him as a knight of the realm) Must’ve gone to his walnut sized brain. Why would a team who played the most entertaining football in England fail to fil a 60 thousand seater stadium in London. I suppose Ferguson has expierience of not filling grounds, after all Man U have had to advertise in national press to fill up their home ground for champion league qualifiers. As for Highbury being old and run down, yeah he would know aobut being old and run down. It was more historic. He’s just jealous that our stadium is better than his. Not as big or as historic but better.

AND he’s jealous about Chelsea spending 30 million on Shevchenko. Bit over the odds maybe but you can’t compare it to Cantoona. That was yonks ago.

So basically he’s saying:

  • Seb Veron is worth 30 cantonas
  • Kleberson was 5 times the player Cantona was
  • Ruud Van Nisterlooy is 19 of Cantona
  • Rio is 30 time better than Cantona
  • Carrick is worth 18 Cantona
  • 1 Wayne Rooney is the equivalent of 27 Cantonas.

He would know loads about spending over the odds.This is what I think is “sir” Alex’s wish list:

  • Arsenal don’t fill their stadium and go bust.
  • Roman gets bored and leaves so Chelsea have a player exodus
  • Beintez decides to leave for Madrid and Liverpool go downhill
  • Stuart Pearce decides to sign John O’Shea and Silvestre

That leaves ManU and Spurs to fight for the title. Even Ferguson has no hope of his team doing well, he only hopes others fail hence the constant shit about other teams.

This is what I’ve got to say to him:

“Fuck off you old oil miner.”

in other news Chelsea are planning a bid for Cole. Nothing new there, this time though they plan to do it by the “book”. That’s new. They should just make the bid of 30 million so cuntley can fuck off and have a nightmare of a life with a wife who’s cheating on him with me.

We’re supposedly planning a 16 million bid for Ribery. That’s a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong, he was crap for the first few matches but after he scored his first goal he was on fire. Looked like he just needed some confidence and self-belief. He’s young, can speak French and is almost world famous with a million clubs after him. Out of them he wants us. Nothing new. And he can play anywhere along the midfield. If we sell Reyes and get him for 16 million then fine. Other wise don’t sell Reyes and get him for around 12-13 million.

Freddie Reckons we’re going to nick the title from the cunts. We’re planning a military opperation with Freddie as leader and Gallas as the Mole. Cuntley will be our under cover agent there. Freddie is going to sneak in with his crutches and get it. We’re going to win the quadreuple anyway this season. Nah! That’s just me being optimistic. Can’t see what’s stopping the cunts unless Roman is down to his last stolen billion. I reckon we’ll come 2nd or 3rd. Bit depressing but we’ve got a shot at the title.

Niklas Bendtner scored on his debut from a Seb Larsson cross. Wonderful talent that kid and the fact that he’s coming back on January not at the end of the season suggests something. Either that AW plans to use him during the campaign or Bendtner’s agent requested it because he’s determined to break into the first team. That’s spirit lad.

That’s all from moi, see you smelly lot tomorrw.

Cheers and happy sunday.

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